5 Thinks That Can Change your life

Five thinks that can change your life

change your life
The mind is your greatest friend, the mind is your biggest problem, when you walk completely according to the mind, the mind distracts you and when you control your mind and walk according to your own life, you want to get life you have got it all.
But nowadays, it's very difficult to control your mind and give him order, till now, we are coming in the same way as the mind walks with us, but now this disease has become, all day the mind keeps going. ||Five think that can change your life||
People have got stress and anxiety over thinking, all kinds of problems have grown up. Nowadays, even the school going children are stressed. The future of career exam is going to be something or something that goes on in the life of everyone. Turbulence has arisen, despite everything, people say that we are not happy, everyone has some problem, no one has peace.
Let us tell you something that if you want to be happy in life, then pay attention to these 5 things.

1.Be select for what you are listening watching & reading-

Your mind is like a storage, what you see, everything gets stored in it, what do you think is the difference, but one word one scene has a very profound effect on your mind, you start thinking all that You see and hear the social media serving you new things every day, millions of people sleep peacefully last night, this news will not reach you, but last night a theft in a house reaches you first, millions of people reach home safely, but this thing is not reached to you, but something that has become accident reaches you,
Hearing negative things throughout the day, all this makes your mind start thinking and slowly your sanskars become your faith.
If you keep thinking every day that everything is dishonest, then slowly it will become your trust as well, but if you read good books and listen to good things and see them, then that will become yours and rites will become your trust too.
The easiest way to identify negative and positive thoughts is that the thought that increases fear, anxiety, restlessness in your mind is all negative and positive thought increases peace, peace, understanding and knowledge in your mind, it is positive thought.

2.Change you emotional and physical diet-

Whenever we fall ill, doctors say change your diet, change your food, if you are sick, you will have to change your emotional diet and physical diet, because if you welcome all kinds of emotions then it will become your habit. ||Five think that can change your life||
If you do not control all these emotions, angry angrier restlessness, then these will become your habit every day. For others, I have to protect myself from the feelings that make my heart sad and restless and change your diet as the food becomes like if you eat tamasi and rajoguri. If you get angry, irritation starts increasing in your mind and if you eat a good  diet, then your mind remains calm and happy. You give your mind the food that is good for your body and body.
If you do not control all these emotions jealousy angry anger, then every day they will become your habit, you cannot give the mind the freedom to think anything. You should have some set rules in life, do not think of anything wrong or for others, I have to protect myself from the feelings that make my mind sad and restless and change your diet. ||Five think that can change your life||
If you eat food like tamasi and rajoguri, then your anger becomes irritating and if you eat a satvic diet, then your mind remains calm and happy.
You give your mind the food that is good for your body and body.

3.Make your morning positive and healthy-

As you start the day, the same energy reduces the whole day, make your morning positive divine and healthy, In the morning, read good books, pray, pray, exercise, the thought that you give to your mind in the morning is the effect of the whole day.
If you wake up in the morning, you wake up in your mobile hand and start checking what is today's breaking news, my friends, what have you posted on social media, you have the whole day for the talk of the world, but in the morning, your mind is pure Add thoughts so that your mind will feel peaceful and relaxed throughout the day. ||Five think that can change your life||
If you want to succeed in life, then definitely spend time in the morning to prepare yourself. Most of the people leave in the morning time, but do not waste your morning time, and read a book every day which gives you good advice that gives you positive thoughts which you can read in your life. To move forward.

4.Don’t over use electronic gadgets –

Technology is a good thing, its many benefits must also be used of technology, but do not make it a habit to set a time that from this time till this time you will not use TV mobile.
It takes 10 - 15 minutes to eat food, but people do not leave the TV mobile at that time, then they say there is disturbance in the mind, oh at least eat the food peacefully, even 10 minutes you do not sit peacefully and then say that the mind is disturbed You are creating turmoil yourself, 2 hours before bed, you remove yourself from TV mobile and the beginning of the day you should start reading a good book and not start your day with mobile.


Meditation should be done for at least 15 minutes, meditation calms your thoughts, regular meditation starts to make your mind fade, your mind starts to wander and you feel calm and calm.
Make these 5 things a part of your life, first of all, what you see and hear use, think and listen thoughtfully, secondly you should change your emotional and physical diet, thirdly you should make your morning beautiful, fourth thing Do not make yourself the addict of electronic gadgets, fifth thing you should meditate for 15 minutes every day. If you make these five things a part of your life, then you will always be happy to have faith, you will always experience peace and the sad conditions of the spring will not affect your mind so much, overthinking your fear negative thoughts all over things If you do not have all these things in life, then no one can stop you from being successful. ||Five think that can change your life||

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